What is SMART baby soother?

Why Parents Love iVibaby?

A SMART Baby Sleep Soother

The iVibaby Smart Baby Soother is a smart device to calm your baby and help him/her settle to sleep.

With it's patent intelligent cry recognition, new parents do not need to stay by the baby's side all the time, truly reducing the burden of childcare and making it easier.

Intelligent cry recognition for instant automatic soothing

New parents may feel overwhelmed by the sudden crying of their babies. The smart baby sleep soother can automatically identify the baby's cry and activate the soothing program immediately, responding to the baby's emotions in time, helping the baby calm down quickly, and reducing parents' stress and anxiety.

Customized soothing sounds to meet the baby's individual needs

Parents can customize soothing sounds based on the baby's preferences and needs (such as mom's voice, familiar songs, etc.), to provide a personalized soothing experience for the baby, with a stronger soothing effect.

Stress-relief toy shared with the whole family

The unique voice changer function can be used as a stress-relief toy for both parents and the baby, increasing the fun of parent-child interaction. The whole family can enjoy happy moments together.

Compact Size

Whether at home or going out, it can be used easily to meet the baby's needs anytime and anywhere.

Up to 7 days battery life

With a built-in battery design, it avoids the potential dangers of power cords, which is safer for the baby.


A warm lullaby woven with love and technology