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Hi, we are iVibaby

iVibaby began with a simple vision where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to become a helpful assistant on their parenting journey.


----- OUR STORY  ------ 

Mr. Roger Luo, the founder of iVibaby, is not only an innovator with years of experience in the tech field but also a father who deeply cherishes his family. In 2015, his family welcomed a new member - a lively and adorable baby boy. Roger and his wife shared the responsibility of caring for their child, and despite the challenges, they found themselves filled with sweetness and fulfillment. 

However, during the journey of guiding their child's growth, Roger encountered a common and challenging issue - his baby boy struggled to sleep peacefully at night, often waking up from dreams and crying inconsolably. Each time this happened, Roger and his wife would rush to their child's room, soothing him with gentle touches and soft whispers until he returned to sleep. These moments could be long and exhausting for new parents, leaving Roger and his wife feeling weary.

Based on parenting experience data, many children easily wake up and cry incessantly during the night, impacting not only their sleep quality but also leaving their parents exhausted. Roger deeply understood that such nights were not uncommon for new parents, who were inexperienced and often felt helpless when faced with their children's crying. Understanding this struggle, Roger had an innovative idea: could he use his expertise and technology to solve this problem? Bringing some relief to these tired parents and creating a more serene dream for children? 

Dedicating significant time and effort, and after numerous trials and refinements, Roger successfully developed a "Smart Sleep Soother". With precise sound recognition technology, it can quickly detect a child's cry and intelligently play gentle, soothing music or pre-recorded sounds (e.g. mom's voice) to help the child calm down, allowing him to return to sweet dreams. 

Witnessing his son gradually have a peaceful night with the Smart Sleep Soother, Roger solidified his belief: to use the power of technology to help more new parents. Consequently, Roger established the iVibaby brand and introduced the Smart Sleep Soother as the brand's first product. He hoped that iVibaby could bring an easier and happier parenting experience to every family. 

As a newly established brand, iVibaby is still in its early stages, but its vision is resolute: through the combination of technology and love, iVibaby could become a helpful assistant on their parenting journey. 

From now on, iVibaby will continue to develop more innovative and practical products to offer more help and happiness to every family. We will launch our second product soon! 

To be continued…